About Us

TPSi started in 1975 as a technical programming concern but shifted its focus in 1978 to a computer output services company. Early production focused on COM (computer output to microfiche) and later, COLD (computer output to Laser Disk).

We gained an exceptional customer service reputation early on by retrieving COM tapes from our customers at the end of the day, creating originals and duplicates overnight, and delivering the finished product at 8:00 a.m. the following business day.

In time, five of our original customers requested that we add variable data laser imaging (printing) to our service offerings. We did so, and not long after, added intelligent mail finishing to the mix. As word got around, we added additional laser printers, mail machines, staff – and, of course, customers!

In 2000, we embraced the new millennium and advances in both computing power and digital document composition, becoming an early adopter (2nd in our industry) of what has become the premier document composition software in the print/mail industry; Dialogue® by HP Exstream Software. Dialogue, along with improvements in computer processing, allowed the introduction of graphs, charts, pictures and other data heavy items into the digital print stream while maintaining print production speed. In short, itrevolutionized the industry.

Continuing our industry momentum in 2000, TPSi added full color digital printing, digital archive to web, eStatements and our own online development tool (WebViewTool) to our expanding service offerings.

Full color digital printing expanded greatly in 2006 with the addition of an HP 7900 Indigo Press. The Indigo offered unparalleled print quality at production speeds for short run static and long run variable content full color jobs.

Our recent addition of an HP 15K Indigo Press has set a new standard of print capability and capacity in Tulsa and the NE Oklahoma region.

TPSi has also invested in Presswise – a front end web-to-print digital storefront interface that equips B2B customers with one-stop setup and shopping for all print consumables. See our Digital Printing section for more information.

If you’re wondering about those 5 original customers?

Yes, after 30 years they are still with us. How about you?